nanoblock® is a building / construction block with its smallest piece measuring a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. Manufactured to the highest standard for a perfect fit, nanoblock® is born and designed in Japan. It comes in various series such as “Mini Collection,” “Sights to See,” “Advanced Hobby,” and many collaboration with popular characters such as Pokemon, RilakkumaDragon Ball and many others.



From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the new sensation in toys. Nanoblock are quickly becoming a favourite among entuthiasts. Although they were first introduced in Japan, in 2008, nowadays you can find Nanoblock everywhere in the world.


Are all blocks toys made by the same company?

No! Nanoblock originate from Japan and became such a phenomenon that they are now competing with household brands head to head.


What are Nanoblock?

Nanoblock toys origins date back to 2008, when the japanese company based in Tokyo, Kawada decided to take the hobby toys market by storm. These toys are made up of a building/construction blocks, some of the smallest parts measuring as small as 4mm × 4mm × 5mm. The good thing about Nanoblock is that they come in various series and sizes, such as the Miniature series, the Advanced Hobby series, Sights to See series, etc. and lots of collaborations with worldwide franchises exist; such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Sonic, Dragon Ball and many others.


Kawada has created collaboration sets with big names such as Pokémon, Street Fighter, The Adventures of Tintin, Shaun the Sheep and many, many more. Kawada's collaborations are not restricted to phantasy characters, but they have also collaborated with ununsual companies! For example, in 2015 Kawada and camera giant Nikon shook hands to recreate the famous Nikon F camera. Other unusual collaborations have been: street wear designer Nona9on, fast-food giant McDonald‘s, telecommunication giant Softbank, and many others.


Which are the most popular series?

Probably the most successful and popular series is the Miniature Collection series and the Pokemon collaboration series.


The Miniature Collection mostly contains themed sets that have from 80 to 150 pieces each. In the Miniature Collection you will find exotic animals, pets, insects and even your favourite hobbies. On the other hand,


The Sights to See series recreates, as the title suggests, famous landmarks from all around the world. You will have the opportunity to construct buildings such as Opera House (Sydney), Eiffel Tower (Paris), Pantheon (Athena) and many more. Sights to See set consists of more pieces than the Miniatures but less than the Middle series. This series consists mostly from 200 to 600 pieces. With the Middle series you can build the Statue of Liberty, visit the space with the Space Shuttle or step inside one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Many more are waiting for you, including the famous Titanic.


Next comes the Deluxe series (also called the Advanced Hobby series). It has the highest number of pieces, some of them reaching over 3000 pieces. Here you will find again the most notable landmarks and buildings from the world. With the Advanced Hobby series all of this is possible.


What is the biggest Nanoblock set?

The biggest Nanoblock set are The Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition, the Tokyo Skytree ver.2 Deluxe Edition and the Himeji Castle Deluxe Edition. Each set contains consists of more than 5,000 pieces and difficulty level of eight.


Are Nanoblock sets hard to build?

These nano set have a scale of 1 to 5 of difficulty (except the some deluxe sets with a difficulty of 8). Although you will probably not have any tough times assembling the Nanoblock from 1 to 3, you might need to read the instructions clearly for 4 and 5. The good news is that every Nanoblock set comes with their own instructions. And if this is still hard for you, then you can find many online videos that show you how to do it step by step.


What are the hardest Nanoblock sets to build?

The level 5+ difficulty Nanoblock are beautiful sets such as Bonsai Matsu, Sagrada Familia Deluxe, Blue Whale Skeleton, Pirate Ship Deluxe, Peacock Animal Challenger. Don't forget: almost all sets contain bonus pieces.


What is the rarest Nanoblock set?

The rarity of Nanoblock sets also ranges. Collaboration tend to be one-time runs only. One of the rarest Nanoblock is the Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit.


How Many Pokémon Nanoblock Are There?

The popular franchise Pokémon received its own Nanoblock sets in 2013. Initially the sets were released only in Japan, and consisted of micro-sized building block models. Pokémon Nanoblock models that were released at that time consisted of the first generation Pokémons. The first released were, obviously, the three Kanto starters (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle) which had 120 pieces each. The next Pokémon released is none other than fan favourite and the most popular Pokémon in the world, Pikachu. Pikachu has 10 more pieces than the others, to mark its popularity.


For the 20th Pokémon Anniversary Edition (March 4, 2016) Kawada released a special edition of the starter Pokemons in a special grey monochrome color. The color reminds people of the original Gamebou games and its grey tones.


But how many Pokémon Nanoblock are there?

At the moment you can find about 80 normal sized Pokémon Nanoblock on our website. Feel free to choose your best buddy and explore the world with it! You can find that Pokémon Nanoblock comes in various sizes and components.



  • Sights to See Series

    Carefully designed NANOBLOCK models of famous sights from all over the world, fun to assemble and small enough to fit on any desk.

  • Deluxe Series

    The NANOBLOCK Deluxe series offers particularly detailed models of cityscapes, historical buildings or majestic animals on a larger scale to assemble yourself.

  • Middle Series

    Medium-sized series from the NANOBLOCK product line, with dinosaurs or a pirate ship, especially great to build for children 12 years and up.

  • Award Series

    Works by particularly keen hobbyists are rewarded in the award series! Here you will find original models to assemble, designed by other NANOBLOCK lovers.

  • Festivities

    Everything NANOBLOCK you can assemble in relation to Christmas, New Year, Halloween and all kinds of Japanese festivities can be found here. Holiday fun for the whole family!

  • Musical Instruments

    NANOBLOCK models of everything that makes a sound: classical instruments such as piano or violin as well as modern guitars and drums in many colors. The cheaper and quieter way to bring your instruments home!

  • Food

    A colorful mix of NANOBLOCK delicacies to assemble yourself. In addition to internationally popular food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and the like, there are also Japanese specialties such as onigiri and sushi.

  • Animals

    In this category you can easily find and bring home dozens of animals, no matter how exotic, from a white tigers to dolphins or even butterflies. The NANOBLOCK animals are guaranteed not to shed and are also fun to assemble for children aged 12 and up.

  • Cats and Dogs

    Our four-legged best friends can be found here in all sizes and colors. NANOBLOCK cats and dogs to assemble and collect.

  • Dinosaurs

    Who wouldn't love to see dinosaurs whenever you want to? With NANOBLOCK this is now possible without a visit to the museum! Almost lifelike and after assembly their size fits every living room.

  • Mythical and Fairytales

    Dragons, unicorns and phoenixes cavort here alongside all kinds of Japanese mythical creatures. The NANOBLOCK must-have for every lover of fairy tales and legends. Makes crafting and setting up fun.

  • Pokémon

    Gotta catch all Pokémon Nanoblock!

    Click here for a list of all pokémon nanoblocks. Collect and faithfully reproduce your favorite nano-monster. The pixel design of the old Pokémon™ games has been perfectly respected thanks to the finesse of the nanoblock™ games. Feel free to choose your best buddy and explore the world with it! You will find that some Pokémon Nanoblock comes in various sizes and versions.


    Pokémon I choose you!

    In 1995 Satoshi Tajiri created to one of the most popular franchises of our times. Nowadays nearly every person in the world has heard about Pokémon and the Pokémon Company is releasing tons of Pokémon merchandise every year. In 2013 the Pokémon Company began a collaboration with the toy company Kawada, and so fans from all over the world can now build their favourite Pokémon as Nanoblock. The Pokémon sets are recommended for anyone over the age of 12. At first, only the Kanto Pokémons were released, with some of the most popular being Charmander, BulbasaurSquirtle and Pikachu

    Which is the biggest Pokémon Nanoblock?

    The biggest set is the legendary Pokémon that spends most of its time in the clouds, the Dragon - Flying type, Rayquaza Extreme. The set has a staggering amount of 1790 pieces and as expected has a difficulty level of 5. Speaking of difficulty, which is the hardest Pokémon Nanoblock to build? The hardest and the only Pokémon rated at level 5 is the before mentioned Rayquaza Extreme. At the level 4 difficulty we have three Pokémon, two of which are legendary birds and the third a legendary ground Pokémon. The two birds are Zapdos (240 pieces) and Ho-Oh (180 pieces) and the ground Pokémon is Groudon (290 pieces).


    Which is the rarest Pokémon Nanoblock?

    The rarest of them all is Celebi, which can only be purchased at the Pokemon Center in Singapour. Also for the 20th Anniversary Kawada released the very first four Pokemon starters on March 4, 2016 in a special colour with extra pieces on purpose. All of them were gray to remind people of the original Gameboy video games. The Pokémon released then were the three Kanto starters and Pikachu. After having built all four, with the remaining pieces you would have been able to build Mew.

    What are Nanoblock?

    Nanoblock are original building blocks made by Kawada that are micro-sized. Nanoblock allow everyone to have their own building experience, differentiating itself from others by posing a greater challenge  with a touch of greater details and sophistication. Nanoblock lets you create exquisite 3D art works of incredible authenticity and level of realism. The brick blocks measure only mere millimeters in size and are designed to be durable. You can build astonishing sculptures that are the size of your hand. Nanoblock also help people develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills. With these micro-sized bricks that come with step by step instructions you can bring your creativity to the next level. 

    Copyright The Pokémon Company International. TM, ®Nintendo.

  • One Piece

    The popular characters from One Piece are now also available as NANOBLOCK to build yourself!

  • Dragon Ball

    Son Goku, Vegeta, Master Roshi and Co. can be found here as NANOBLOCK models.

  • Evangelion

    The gigantic EVAs and angels from the Evangelion series are available here as a mini version to assemble yourself.

  • Rilakkuma

    NANOBLOCK Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori to collect, build and display!

  • Street Fighter

    Here you can find Chun Li, Dhalsim or Ryu as NANOBLOCK models performing their signature moves.

  • Doraemon

    The cute cat-like robot Doraemon and his friends are now also available as NANOBLOCK.

  • Detective Conan

    The famous small detective Conan and his friends are now available to collect and assemble.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Are you a fan of Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Co? Then you are exactly right here! The models are fun to build and decorate.

    Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblocks

    Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most popular video games series and media franchises of all time. The video game was released back in 1991, and from there one quickly became one of the most beloved games. The game itself revolves around an anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue fur, Sonic. The main antagonist of the story is Doctor Eggman, a mad scientist. On our website you can find these two characters alongside other important characters.

    Nanoblocks Story

    What are Nanoblocks?

    Nanoblock are original micro-sized building blocks with dimensions that can reach a mere 4x4x5 mm! The models are so small that they can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The set contain detailed step-by-step building instructions. When you are finished building a set, you will find additional blocks as a bonus.

    The creativity and inclination for beautiful arts of the Japanese nation is mirrored in the level of details that Nanoblocks contain. The entire celebration of skills have made the Rising Sun Country a nation of artists. You can also master the virtues of patience, concentration and creativity with your own Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblocks set.

    And if you ever wonder what else you can build with these micro-sized building blocks the answer is anything your mind and imagination can think off. If you are a Nanoblock devotee you will discover the joy of shaping many wondrous and mythical creatures. You can be a music star with their own musical instruments. With Nanoblocks sets you can have all the great architectural feats in your home, on your desktop. The satisfaction of completing one of these construction blocks sets is immeasurable.

    The three most prominent series of Nanoblocks released by Kawada are Mini Collection, Sights to See and Advanced Hobby Series. The first set contains the most beautiful animals, insects and maritime creatures found around the world. It also contains different hobbies such as music instruments and daily life objects. Sights to See set is one of the most fascinating one as it brings you the great wonders of modern times to your home. In this set you can find buildings such as the Louvre and Opera House. The biggest series is the Advanced Hobbies collection and it's the same as Sights to See just at a more difficult level and bigger scale. It also brings new and fascinating projects such as Titanic, Space Shuttle or Statue of Liberty. All of the bricks have the perfect size, “the smaller the brick, the better the build” is Kawada’s motto.

    Sonic Nanoblocks

    Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblocks kits were released in Japan on June 23, 2020 being distributed by Sega Store. The release coincides with the date that Sonic made its debut on the Genesis 1991. In that year the first SEGA game was released in North America. A month later the game became availabe in Japan and Europe too.

    On our site you will find Nanoblock models of the most important Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Which are those and how many Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblocks are there? The answer is six characters. The characters are Sonic, Tails, Doctor Eggman, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Shadow. You probably wonder which of these sets is the biggest Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblock? The spot is shared by three of these six characters, Knuckles, Shadow and Doctor Eggman, all with 160 pieces. The models can be built in approximately 20 to 60 minutes.

    For those of you who wonder how hard it is to construct a Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblock set the answer is not that difficult. But which is the hardest Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblock to build? Rejoice, as all the sets have the difficulty level 2 out of 5. This implies that they are very easy to build. They still pose a challenging task, so rest assured that you will have fun while playing with them.

    Kawada, the company that makes Nanoblocks, has a policy to provide joy, excitement and enrichment for all people, whatever the age. Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblocks sets bring you all of this and even more!

  • Titeuf
    Titeuf and his buddies from the popular Zep comic series have arrived at NANOBLOCK. Pure nostalgia for every fan.
  • Crash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco now also take on the fight against Doctor Neo Cortex as NANOBLOCK models.

  • charanano

    The packaging box turns into a display case:

  • Rare and Collector's

    This category contains older and rare NANOBLOCK models, collectibles, limited editions and imports that are otherwise difficult to get.

  • Others

    Various NANOBLOCKs that do not fall into the above categories.

  • Nanoblock Accessories

    Accessories that make assembling the NANOBLOCK easier, such as tweezers and mats, as well as extensions such as LED panels for display.

  • Peanuts

    Collect Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang from Charles Schulz' beloved comic as NANOBLOCK models.

  • Kirby

    Kirby has arrived! In celebration of the Nintendo series' 30th anniversary, its hero as well as other well-known characters such as Meta Knight and King Dedede are now available as NANOBLOCK.

  • Naruto
  • Space / Cosmos

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