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paper nano

Experience the world in miniature format with Papernano! Individual parts carefully pre-cut with laser technology make assembly easy. Each of the 3D models made of sturdy paper is lovingly designed and a wonderful decoration for every room, as well as a perfect gift for every hobbyist!

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  • World Attractions

    The Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal or the historical shrines and castles of Japan are now delivered to your home with one mouse click. The magic of a French boutique or an old-fashioned music room can also be experienced here.

  • Musical instruments

    Significantly cheaper than a real grand piano or violin - but just as beautiful to look at.

  • Collaborations

    Wonderful gift idea for fans of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma or the Peanuts. Evangelion dioramas are also available.

  • Premium Deluxe

    The Premium Deluxe series contains particularly large and detailed models of various sights. Many hours of interesting activity doing handicrafts and an extraordinary piece of decoration for the living room, what more could you want?

  • Accessories

    Accessories that make assembling the Papernano models even more pleasant, as well as LED panels to display them on when finished.

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