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Gotta catch all Pokémon Nanoblock!

Click here for a list of all pokémon nanoblocks. Collect and faithfully reproduce your favorite nano-monster. The pixel design of the old Pokémon™ games has been perfectly respected thanks to the finesse of the nanoblock™ games. Feel free to choose your best buddy and explore the world with it! You will find that some Pokémon Nanoblock comes in various sizes and versions.


Pokémon I choose you!

In 1995 Satoshi Tajiri created to one of the most popular franchises of our times. Nowadays nearly every person in the world has heard about Pokémon and the Pokémon Company is releasing tons of Pokémon merchandise every year. In 2013 the Pokémon Company began a collaboration with the toy company Kawada, and so fans from all over the world can now build their favourite Pokémon as Nanoblock. The Pokémon sets are recommended for anyone over the age of 12. At first, only the Kanto Pokémons were released, with some of the most popular being Charmander, BulbasaurSquirtle and Pikachu

Which is the biggest Pokémon Nanoblock?

The biggest set is the legendary Pokémon that spends most of its time in the clouds, the Dragon - Flying type, Rayquaza Extreme. The set has a staggering amount of 1790 pieces and as expected has a difficulty level of 5. Speaking of difficulty, which is the hardest Pokémon Nanoblock to build? The hardest and the only Pokémon rated at level 5 is the before mentioned Rayquaza Extreme. At the level 4 difficulty we have three Pokémon, two of which are legendary birds and the third a legendary ground Pokémon. The two birds are Zapdos (240 pieces) and Ho-Oh (180 pieces) and the ground Pokémon is Groudon (290 pieces).


Which is the rarest Pokémon Nanoblock?

The rarest of them all is Celebi, which can only be purchased at the Pokemon Center in Singapour. Also for the 20th Anniversary Kawada released the very first four Pokemon starters on March 4, 2016 in a special colour with extra pieces on purpose. All of them were gray to remind people of the original Gameboy video games. The Pokémon released then were the three Kanto starters and Pikachu. After having built all four, with the remaining pieces you would have been able to build Mew.

What are Nanoblock?

Nanoblock are original building blocks made by Kawada that are micro-sized. Nanoblock allow everyone to have their own building experience, differentiating itself from others by posing a greater challenge  with a touch of greater details and sophistication. Nanoblock lets you create exquisite 3D art works of incredible authenticity and level of realism. The brick blocks measure only mere millimeters in size and are designed to be durable. You can build astonishing sculptures that are the size of your hand. Nanoblock also help people develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills. With these micro-sized bricks that come with step by step instructions you can bring your creativity to the next level. 

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