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We carry a wide range of high quality stationery from Japan. Whether you are looking for ballpoint pens, illustration markers, document folders or washi tapes, this section offers a large selection.


  • Ballpoint Pens

    Needle-point, slim-line or pencil ballpens, there is a ballpoint pen for every taste. Also suitable as a gift! All pens in this category can be refilled.

  • Mechanical Pencils

    Available here are mechanical pencils in ballpoint pen look or in retro style. Replacement leads are also available!

  • Marker Pen

    Fiber-tip pens from ZEBRA and Pentel, for precise writing and vibrant colors.

  • Refills

    We carry a large selection for refill for your mechanical pencil, pens and brushed. Please make sure that the refill is compatible with the intended product as we cannot accept refills that have been opened.

  • Folders

    One of the most beloved type of merchandise these popular folders are called "clear files" in Japan. The name can be misleading because often they are not translucent. But even when they are opaque they are among the most useful and cheap anime merchandise. 

  • Washi Tape

    The decorative tapes from Japan have also become popular in the West, and rightly so. Whether it be notebooks, laptops, picture frames or pens, everything can be covered in colorful patterns using washi tape.

  • Calligraphy, Brushes

    Calligraphy is not just a form of writing, but also an art that has been, and still is practiced by many cultures around the world. Most famous today is probably Asian calligraphy, especially that from China and Japan. Dozens of types of brushes and inks are used to create expressive works of art of undeniable beauty. Our brushes and other utensils are suited for both Western lettering and Asian calligraphy!

  • Stickers
  • Postcards
  • Notebooks

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