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Doctor Eggman NBCC-083 NANOBLOCK meets Sonic the Hedgehog

NANOBLOCK: Doctor Eggman NBCC-083

Delivery: AT approx. 2-4 days, EU approx. 4-9 days.

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NANOBLOCK: Doctor Eggman NBCC-083

Product description: The original 3D puzzle concept with micro components NANOBLOCK from the Japanese manufacturer Kawada.

DOCTOR EGGMAN NBCC_083 from the Character series. Again and again the doctor tries to usurp world domination and builds all kinds of machines in the process - but luckily he is stopped by Sonic every time.

Commemorating the franchises 29th anniversary, Sonic and Co. are now available as NANOBLOCK models.

This set contains 160 pieces. Difficulty level 2.

Warning: Small parts, suffocation. Not recommended for children under 12 years. Use under the supervision of adults.


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