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'Sushi' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers
  • 'Sushi' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

'Sushi' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

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  Warning! Small parts - choking hazard.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

« OTONANO-ZUKAN » Specialist Picture Atlas: Japanese textured paper stickers with gold foil. These luxurious sticker collections with gold foil finish are perfect to decorate and customize. 

Sushi comes in a number of forms. This sticker set depicts some of the most popular ones.

Model number: 721383

Package size: 20×9.5 cm

Made in Japan by Kamio Japan Inc.

Depicted sushi:

マグロ Tuna

クラゲ巻 Jellyfish roll

大トロ Ōtoro (fatty tuna)

芽ネギ Green onion buds

ギョク Egg

カリフォルニアロール California rolls

あがり Green tea

コハダ Gizzard shad

エビ Shrimp

イクラ Salmon roe

鮒寿司 Funazushi

数の子 Herring roe

アナゴ Eel

柿の葉寿司 Kakinohazushi (persimmon leaf sushi)

新香巻き Shinkomaki (daikon radish rolls)

ウニ Sea urchin

ガリ Pickled ginger

中トロ Chūtoro (fatty tuna)

サーモン Salmon

ホタテ Scallop

コーン巻き Corn rolls

ままかり Mackerel

いなり寿司 Inarizushi

ネギトロ Tuna and green onion

カンパチ Greater amberjack

イカ Squid

鱒寿司 Trout sushi