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Can you be contacted by phone?

Unfortunately we don't offer a customer service over the phone. Please contact us through facebook, instagram, e-mail or through our contact form (fastest).

Can I change or cancel my order?

To change or cancel your order please contact us immediately through our contact form. Please note that orders for which a tracking number has been issued cannot be changed or canceled, as they are already on their way to the postal office. 

Are all products available in stock in your store in Vienna?

Yes! All products that can added to the online shopping cart are also immediately available in our physical store.

How much are shipping fees? How long will it take to arrive?

Both depend on the country where you live. Please take a look at our shipping fees and delivery times here.

Are all taxes and duties included? I have seen better prices on Amazon or Ebay. 

Yes, in the EU and Norway. Some offers on other websites may from sellers outside of the European Union, therefore their prices may not reflect the all taxes and custom duties due upon delivery (e.g. VAT, customs processing fees, etc.). We ship from Austria, so you will not pay anything upon delivery if you live inside the European Union or Norway.

Do you ship to countries outside the European Union?

Yes. Please note, that our prices are taxed included only for customers inside the European Union and Norway. Customers from other countries may need to pay import duties or taxes upon delivery. Please contact your local customs office for details.

Can I write my address in my native language?

Yes. はい。Sí. Да. 예. Jā. Ναί. כן. 可以.

What's the difference between and Can I order from one and pick up from the other?

The shop using .com serves the United States' market and the shop using .eu serves the European market. Because we are completely independent from each other it is not possible to order from one shop through the other one.