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'Panda ecology' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers
  • 'Panda ecology' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

'Panda ecology' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

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  Warning! Small parts - choking hazard.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

« OTONANO-ZUKAN » Specialist Picture Atlas: Japanese textured paper stickers with gold foil. These luxurious sticker collections with gold foil finish are perfect to decorate and customize. 

These black-and-white bears spend most of their time eating bamboo.

Model number: 707286

Package size: 20×9.5 cm

Made in Japan by Kamio Japan Inc.

Depicted pandas:

ジャイアントパンダ Giant panda

双子パンダ Panda twins

肌はピンク色 peaupeau

体が柔らかい soft body

生後2ヶ月 2 months old

赤ちゃんパンダ Panda baby

お昼寝パンダ Pandas during afternoon nap

お母さんパンダ Panda mother

でんぐりがえり Upside down

好奇心旺盛 Curious

お母さんと一緒 Living with its mother

パンダは大食漢 Pandas are gluttons

木登りが得意 Good at climbing up a tree

ずるずる Slithering

ねむい Sleepy

ひたすら食べる。 Devoted eater

茶色パンダ Qinling panda

お団子パンダ Round panda

パンダは内股 Panda with pigeon-toed feet

パンダの尻尾は白 Panda with a white tail

冬眠はしない Does not hibernate

竹林に生息している Pandas live in bamboo thickets