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'Donburi Rice Bowls' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers
  • 'Donburi Rice Bowls' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

'Donburi Rice Bowls' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

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  Warning! Small parts - choking hazard.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

« OTONANO-ZUKAN » Specialist Picture Atlas: Japanese textured paper stickers with gold foil. These luxurious sticker collections with gold foil finish are perfect to decorate and customize. 

Donburi is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice served with other ingredients. The number of possible toppings are endless.

Model number: 700658

Package size: 20×9.5 cm

Made in Japan by Kamio Japan Inc.

Depicted donburi:

天丼 Tendon: with tempura

ネギトロ丼 Negitoro-don: with minced tuna

生サーモンいくら丼 Nama-salmon-don: with raw salmon

ネギ塩豚カルビ丼 Negi-shio-buta-karubi-don: with salted onions and pork galbi

うな玉丼 Una-tama-don: with eel and eggs

いくら丼 Ikura-don: with salmon roe

ステーキ丼 Steak-don: with steak

まぐろ丼 Magura-don with tuna

豚丼 Buta-don: with pork

ソースカツ丼 Sauce-Katsu-don: with sauced cutlet

しらす丼 Shirasu-don: with whitebait

サーモンアボカド丼 Salmon-avocado-don with avocado and salmon

中華丼 Chuuka-don: with vegetable, mushrooms and meat

海鮮丼 Kaisen-don: with sea food

天津丼 Tenshin-don: with crab meat omelette

うな丼 Una-don: with eel

かつ丼 Katsu-don: with cutlet

牡蠣丼 Kaki-don: with oysters

ビビンバ丼 Bibimbap-don: with Bibimpab

月見さけとろ丼 Tsukimi-sake-toro-don: with egg and fatty salmon

うに丼 Uni-don: with sea urchin

牛丼 Gyuu-don: with beef

親子丼 Oyako-don: with chicken and eggs