With our loyalty program you can collect loyalty points, which you can redeem on your next orders as a discount! Points are calculated based on the total order value without shipping costs.

How do I collect points?
Our loyalty program is for customers with a normal account who purchase on minijapanshop.eu or in our shop in Vienna. Guest account cannot participate. Participation is free and automatic. Points will be visible after confirmation of payment. If an order is cancelled, the points will be deducted.

Normally € 1 earns you 1 point. On each product page you can see how many points are earnt. However, there are categories that earn fewer points or none at all, for example: trading cards, gift cards, etc. Cents are rounded down.

How and where can I use them?
Points can be redeemed as discounts.
10 points redeemed → 1 € discount
Points can only be used on minijapanshop.eu or in our shop in Vienna. You must redeem at least 100 points. They cannot be used on other websites or at other points of sale such as exhibitions, events, etc. If you redeem loyalty points for an order, you will receive points on the amount left after the points' deduction.

How long are my loyalty points valid for? Can I pass them on?
Loyalty points are valid for 12 months from the day you aquired them. They expire without prior notice, so please keep them in mind. Points cannot be converted into money or transferred to third parties. The points are personal so you cannot pass them on or combine multiple customer accounts.

Where can I find my balance?
Your personal point balance can be found in your customer account under "My loyalty points". Points will be visible after the order has been dispatched. If the order is cancelled or returned, the points will be deducted.

Legal information and conditions of the loyalty program
Our terms and conditions apply. Loyalty points cannot be earnt with other promotions. Loyalty points and the program's benefits cannot be redeemed for cash or passed on and are always personal! Cash payouts and legal proceedings are not possible. We reserve the right to change the terms of the loyalty program at any time without notice or to terminate it without notice.