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'Mount Fuji' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers
  • 'Mount Fuji' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers
  • 'Mount Fuji' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

'Mount Fuji' Otonano-Zukan Paper stickers

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  Warning! Small parts - choking hazard.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

« OTONANO-ZUKAN » Specialist Picture Atlas: Japanese textured paper stickers with gold foil. These luxurious sticker collections with gold foil finish are perfect to decorate and customize. 

With this sticker set you can admire Mt. Fuji from wherever you are.

Model number: 218238

Package size: 20×9.5 cm

Made in Japan by Kamio Japan Inc.


標高3776m Altitude 3776m

裾野の広さは最大直径約44㎞ The maximum width of the base is approximately 44 km in diameter.

山中湖 Lake Yamanaka

信仰の対象と芸術の源泉 It’s the object of faith and a sources for the arts

山小屋の夜ご飯はカレー The dinner at a mountain hut is curry

富士山を詠んだ歌 A song about Mt. Fuji

ニホンカモシカ Japanese serow

山頂にポスト postal box on the mountaintop

富士登山 Climbing Mt. Fuji

ウソ common bullfinch

赤富士 red Fuji

紅富士 crimson Fuji

三保松原(みほのまつばら) Mihonomatsubara

桜と富士山 Cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji

富士山と雲 Mt. Fuji and clouds

富士山が笠をかぶれば近いうちに雨 When Mt. Fuji wears a hat, it will rain soon.

一富士二鷹三茄子 First is Fuji, second is a hawk, third is an eggplant (a saying)

影富士 shadow Fuji

富士山頂は私有地 The summit of Mt. Fuji is private property

忍野八海 Oshino Hakkai springs

ダイアモンド富士 diamond Fuji

山頂でお茶が買える You can buy tea at the top of the mountain

虹富士 Rainbow Fuji

山頂で結婚式が出来る Wedding ceremonies at the top of the mountain are possible

富士山が見える一番遠い場所 The farthest place where you can see Mt. Fuji is Nachikatsuura in Wakayama prefecture.

新幹線の車窓から From the windows of the Shinkansen