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red 0.7mm Mitsubishi S-7S refill

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This S-7S refill by Mitsubishi Uni are compatible with all our HORIZON or HORIZON Slim mechanical pens by Ohto (except Horizon GEL).

Ink colour: red

Tip size: ø0.7mm

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This refill is also compatible with any of the following pens:
Uni Mitsubishi: Boxy-100, SE3-350HL, SE3-303, SE3-304, SE2-300HL, MSE-1007GG 1P, SE2-254, SE4-354, SHE2-1800, SHE2-2000U, SE4-354, SE-382, SE2-1000AL, MSE5-500, SHW-2000, SHW-2051, SHW-3051, SHW-1502, MSE-513, SE2-251, SE3-301, SE4-351.