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OHTO Maruta Mechanical Pencil 2mm Red APS-680M-RD (refillable)

OHTO Maruta Mechanical Pencil 2mm Red APS-680M-RD

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OHTO Maruta Mechanical Pencil Red

Model number: APS-680E-RD

Compatible 2.0 mm lead available here.

A replacement for the eraser is available here.

The body of this mechanical pencil of the brand OHTO Maruta is made out of wood, which lets you have the feeling of a wooden pencil without having to sharpen it and thus getting a smaller and smaller pencil. Instead of that, you can simply push the lead inside forward and replace it anytime. The lead is 2.0 mm thick and is suited extremely well for shading. On the backside is an eraser which can be used to erase errors easily and it can be replaced as well. Because of its round shape, you can turn the mechanical pencil in your hand without any issues, which makes handling very easy.
This version of the OHTO Maruta mechanical pencil is held in a beautiful red.