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WULAOSU Vmax Fokussierter-Angriff Pokemon TCG [in German]

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League Battle Deck with WULAOSU Vmax Focused Attack [German Edition]

Product number: 290-45336


1 complete, playable 60-card deck full of power cards
2 holographic cards with Focused-Attack-Wulaosu-V
2 holographic cards with Focused-Attack-Wulaosu-VMAX
2 stamps for special conditions
6 damage token dice and 1 coin toss dice permitted in competitions
1 Pokémon TCG rulebook
1 quick guide to using suitable strategies
1 code card for the Pokémon TCG online

Deck list:
2 Focused Attack Wulaosu VMAX
2 Focused Attack Wulaosu V
3 dog monsters
4 dog patterns
2 in command
2 humanolite
2 orders from the boss (Flordelis)
1 Bruno
2 escape rope
3 development smoke
3 Mary
1 common fishing rod
4 Research of the professor (Prof. Esche)
4 Flottball
2 Focused Attack Spot Trolls
2 exchange
1 equipment disposal company
4 Tower of Darkness
4 urn of vitality
4 Combat Energy
4 Focused Attack Energy
4 stone COMBAT energy

Warning: small parts, risk of suffocation. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Use under adult supervision.