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Brush Pen: Broad Tip, Dye Ink, refillable | XFL2B by Pentel

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Product Number: XFL2B

Contents: 1 brush pen FL2B and 1 ink cartrige XFR-AD

FL2B brush pen: broad tip
Cartridge XFR-AD: dye ink in black

To recharge please use XFR-AD refill cartridges from Pentel.

These pens from Pentel have a brush tip made of nylon fibers that are very durable. In addition, a tip that has become frayed through use can also be immersed in hot water to restore its original shape. To allow ink to flow into the brush tip while writing, tilt the pen down and apply gentle pressure to the upper part of the cartridge.

Dye Ink: Contains a dye-based ink with particularly rich colors, that is water soluble and suited for calligraphy with sharp contours. It usually retains these properties even with longer breaks between uses.