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Sarasa NEON set of 10 refills SE-RNJK518-NO Refill / Replacement by Zebra

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This set of 10 SARASA refills contains the colours (and ball width) in a case:
Red RNJK4-R ø0.4mm
Red RNJK4-R ø0.4mm
Black RNJK4-BK ø0.4mm
Black RNJK4-BK ø0.4mm
Neon purple RNJK5-NPU ø0.5mm
Neon green RNJK5-NG ø0.5mm
Neon yellow RNJK5-NY ø0.5mm
Neon orange RNJK5-NOR ø0.5mm
Neon pink RNJK5-NP ø0.5mm
Neon pink RNJK5-NP ø0.5mm

Dimensions of each refill: length 98.2mm, widest width 3.0mm.

model number: SE-RNJK518-NO

Click here to browse all Sarasa products. Known compatibility with: Zebra "SARASA multi", Zebra "SARASA select", Zebra "SARASA soft grip", Mitsubishi Uni "Style Fit" (other pens may be compatible too).