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Sarasa Clip Vintage Set N°1 with 5 pens (rechargeable) JJ15-5C-VI by Zebra

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This Sarasa Clip Vintage Set Nr. 1 with 5 mechanical pens includes: 
1× JJ15-VGB green black
1× JJ15-VBGR blue gray
1× JJ15-VEG brown gray
1× JJ15-VRB red black
1× JJ15-VDB dark blue

Model Number: JJ15-5C-VI

Ball tip size: ø 0.5 mm

Recharge these pens with the following refills: JF-0.3, JF-0.4, JF-0.5, JF-0.7, JF-1.0

The pens in this vintage set immediately leave a classy impression and on top of that offer rich ink colors and comfortable writing. This series also comes with a clip that works like a clamp and can be easily attached to clipboards or documents - so you never have to worry about a broken clip!